You are God’s Beautiful Poem

Have you ever written a poem? Or done something else creative, like painted a picture? How did it make you feel? If you’re like me, then it might have made you feel good. I want to discuss a recent creative experience I had and what it made me realise.

Letter in an envelop.
Write a letter to God!

It was a Sunday evening at the church’s young adults’ meeting. We opened up with a wonderful session of praise and worship, followed by an encouraging word. Next, we split into small groups, where we would usually discuss various topics. That night, however, we did something a little different in our groups. We were given pens and small blocks of paper to write personal letters to God. A nice idea; you should try it some time.

I decided to write a poem for my letter. Unfortunately, I left the paper behind and I can’t remember what I wrote, so I can’t share it with you. It was short and not all that great, yet I felt good; it was in-the-moment and from my heart. I looked at my poem and thought, You know, I like it because it’s an expression of what I feel.

Then it hit me. Just as the poem is an expression of my creativity, creation is an expression of God’s creativity and love. Am I not part of creation? Just as I felt good about making that little poem, surely God feels good about me; not because I deserve it, but because I’m His work of art, His child.

Isn’t that an amazing thought? You are like God’s poem, the product of His awesome creativity. He is the Artist; you are His sculpture. He is the Author; you are a beautiful story He has written. He is the Engineer; you are His intricate design. He loves you. The wondrous world around you is proof of that. You are proof of that.


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