Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

When I wrote my short story, “Ascent” (give it a look if you haven’t yet), I had a very specific message in mind that I wanted to convey. It is a lesson that was not easy for me to learn, but that truly brings great joy.

You see, the knights in the story, just like many of us, tried in vain to reach the “Light” (experiencing God’s awesome love) by performance. They ended up failing or giving up.

Here’s the thing: as long as we try through our own strength, we will keep failing. We don’t have to do a bunch of right rituals to become worthy. When Christ died for us, he washed away that unworthiness.

Now, God doesn’t expect us to climb a mountain to reach Him. He comes down to us, holds out His hand. All we must do is take it. Experiencing His love is that simple! And His love is for you.

Ever heard a father tell his children that they’re each his favourite? It’s because he loves them so much that he simply can’t love one more than the other. It’s like that with God; we are each His favourite child. You are His favourite.

At this point I should clarify that I’m not saying it’s okay to give in to the world’s temptations. Don’t stop trying to be a good person. But understand that God’s love for you isn’t dependent on your good deeds. It’s actually the opposite: accepting God’s love helps you be better. He gives us the desire and strength to live good lives. And when we fail (which we will), we shouldn’t despair; we can simply take our failures to God, ask Him for forgiveness and strength.

Will you accept that favour? Will you take hold of the hand offered to you freely? If you do, it will change your world. You’ll start to see how deep, how beautiful and wonderful, life truly is.

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