Wake My Heart, Oh Wild One!

Do you ever feel your life slipping through your fingers like sand as time flies by? Ever feel like you’re making too few memories, experiencing too few adventures, like you’re not really living?

I felt that way, and for long I didn’t even realize it. I’d devoted my time to my studies and work, meandering from day to day as years wasted away. I’d filled my free time with idle distractions–movies, video games, social media.

I was a caged lion who’d forgotten the vast savannahs beneath starlit skies. My heart had lost its roar, its wild freedom. And I know I’m not the only one; modern life does that to us all if we let it.

I realized this when I hit a low, a strong dissatisfaction with this dull life. I can’t say how I reached this point; it just happened. But boy, am I glad it did!

You see, the dissatisfaction was really Someone rattling my cage. A Voice whispering through the bars, “Dear son, this is not the life I have for you. I want you to be free, to be alive!” The Wild One has come to tear apart my chains, wake my sleeping heart, and open my eyes to a world of wonder.

The Wild One

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that He came so that we “may have life and have it abundantly.

Take a moment to consider the world around you, teeming with life and beauty and miracles. Think of the snow-capped mountains, rolling oceans, flashing storms, roaring waterfalls, and golden sunsets. Think of the incredible beasts swarming our skies and rivers and fields. God created all that. He is a God of life, of beauty, not of boredom. He is fierce and wild…and good!

Now consider the life Jesus lived. He sailed, climbed mountains, feasted, socialized. He healed and restored, bringing miracles and life to mere mortals like you and me. Similarly, consider the adventures God brought to other Biblical figures. David went from shepherd boy to warrior-poet-king. Esther became a queen of Persia. Daniel chilled with lions.

My point through all of this is that when Jesus said those words in John 10:10, I don’t believe He was just referring to the eternal life we look forward to. I believe he wants our earthly lives to be so much more than plodding on from one day to the next. I don’t know about you, but I for one agree with that sentiment.

The Adventure

How, then, do we find that life?

Well, if we try our own ways, it might not go as expected. Those extreme sports will never be enough. Gambling or stock trading may be thrilling…and ultimately bring you back to where you started. Socializing is great, but what if you crave more popularity or end up in the wrong crowds?

See what I’m getting at? If Jesus stirs our hearts, it is not for us to run off in the wrong direction, hearts racing. No, it is for us to embark on an epic journey with Him, the adventure of our lives, our great romance. He is the abundant life our souls thirst for (see John 4:7-14).

When we walk in intimacy with Him, the Holy Spirit works in our hearts. Yes, He mends our wounds and frees us from sin, but I’ve found He also leads us to so much more. He opens our eyes to beauty. His love in us connects us to people. He plants the desires in our hearts for our own adventurers, personally tailored for each individual.

For me, life holds new wonder now. Simple sights like butterflies and moonlit streams now steal my breath. I’ve started searching for new hobbies, getting out there, living.

So, when the Wild One whispers your name through the bars of your cage, whisper back. When He holds out His hand, take it. Let Him lead you.

Nothing will be the same.

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