Though Seasons Change

Winter. It’s cold. It’s dry. Green turns grey. The butterflies fluttering in summer breezes disappear, as do the flowers painting a lush countryside. Worst of all, it doesn’t even snow here!

Sometimes life is like winter. We enter dry, dull seasons. We face difficulties. Things we clung to change. Joy withers, and it feels as if hope sets like the sun, abandoning us to darkness.

Or so I thought.

Weeks ago, on a cold, cloudy day, I asked God to open my eyes to winter’s beauty, because surely it’s there. We’re surrounded by life and wonder, a world of intricate art crafted by the greatest Artist; there must be beauty even in winter, I reasoned.

I wish I could say I noticed something spectacular immediately after that prayer. I didn’t. It was a fairly dull afternoon. I carried on with life.

Then, a few days ago, it hit me quite unexpectedly: He is the beauty in winter!

The whole earth is filled with His glory!

Isaiah 6:3

Here’s the thing: I didn’t always find summer’s greenery beautiful. I didn’t always delight in golden sunsets or moonlight dancing on glassy lakes. My heart only woke to these things as I started walking with God. Not just believing in Him, but personally being with Him, like a son spending time with his super-awesome Dad. Like a friend.

It’s like He’s been showing me, “Hey, son, look at this mountain I carved. Listen to the song I taught those birds. Look at the stars I lit like candles.” Simple things I used to overlook became masterpieces that stole my attention. How great my Father is!

Anyway, back to winter. It’s still dull and cold. But while I look forward to spring, I’m loving this year’s winter, enjoying the clear blue skies, soaking up every ray of early-afternoon sunlight I can. It’s just another winter, so why do I find it so delightful this year round?

Because it’s not about what I see or feel. It’s about Who I’m with.

His presence changes everything!

What about the “winters” of life? Could there be beauty in your tough season? Could there be joy despite your difficulties? Could hope shine even through your darkest night?

You’ll find the answer wonderfully clear when you turn to the God who’s with you–the Shepherd who guides you, the Lord of Heaven’s armies who will never leave you, the Prince of Peace who shelters you, the Perfect Father who cares more than we can comprehend. He is the true beauty of life, and His presence changes everything!

It’s that simple.

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