Published Fiction

Santa’s Little Foes – Fantasy/Comedy

Oh, I can already taste our sweet victory! Just imagine the rush, the bliss! That old nudnik Santa will give us elves what we desire. No, what we deserve.

(Published in the “Bingeworthy” anthology.)
(Also available here.)

Komainu – Sci-fi

You have something special in you. A weapon no Komainu can wield. Father’s words echoed in Koji’s mind.
Sitting on the dojo floor, he glanced back, drinking in the beauty revealed through the glass wall. The black sea of space teamed with countless stars.

(Published in the “Sensational” anthology.)
(Also available here.)

The Ocean’s Wrath – Fantasy

The siren swam upward, gaze fixed on the ship hull ploughing through the ocean surface. No sunlight pierced the waves. No fish followed the stern. All had escaped the storm. All save the ship.

(Published in Havok.)

The Wine of Truth – Fantasy/Comedy

Birds sing joyous melodies in the courtyard outside my window. A fine day for a wedding! It’s a shame our beloved king’s betrothed wants him dead.

(Published in Havok.)

Flames of Vengeance – Fantasy

Heat tickled in Ivraeldu’s veins. Rage swam in his heart. A passion to set their world aflame.
Cold air brushed his eyes as his wings sailed the wind. A sea of stars twinkled against the infinite night sky. Below, acres of farmland stretched between snow-capped mountains and a glassy river.

(Published in Havok.)

Vita Centauri – Sci-fi

“Now, Vanguards, go forth!”
That was the last human voice Vincent had heard. Well, other than his own; he’d been talking to himself for a few days. Or… weeks? He wasn’t sure. The twin suns of Vita Centauri muddled his sense of time.

(Published in Havok.)

Will You Flee or Fight? – Fantasy

Drums. Their song echoes through the valley. The ground beneath my feet quivers with each beat, and my heart pounds in rhythm with the melody of war, pumping adrenaline through my twitching muscles.

(Published in Havok.)