Into the River

I feel Your whisper
Gentle breeze
You have heard my cries
Craving pleas
Taking heart and hand
You pull me
Your kindest voice says,
“Come and see!”

You lead me onward
Now we run
You urge me deeper
This is fun
Through deep, green forest
Your beauty
In nature serene
I run free

We sprint far through trees
Wild and fast
The forest’s Your art
Rushing past
Still deeper we go
Then we stop
We’ve reached a river
Waters flow

You laugh, smile and say,
“Why stop here?
Come, my child, further
Do not fear!”
You call me onward
I follow
We walk in water
It’s shallow

“There is so much more,”
You say
Then You go deeper
I delay
“Come to me, dear child
Come and see
Come feel peace and joy
Come be free!”

I take a deep breath
Then dive in
Presence floods my heart
Soothes my skin
What is this freedom
In my soul?
It dispels my pain
Makes me whole

Your Spirit fills me
I feel You
Gaze aflame, you say,
“It is true
“Child, I’ve always heard
Every cry
Every thought so small
Every sigh

”I’ve seen the darkness
Yet cared
I forgive the sins
That you bared
With my fiercest love
I freed you
Accept my favour
Become new!”

Lord, I take Your gift
Endless grace
Purpose, destiny
Love’s embrace
I leave the river
Not alone
I am held by You
I am known

Now life’s different
It is deep
Beautiful, wondrous
In Your keep

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