Hey there.

I’m Michael, and I hail from South Africa. It’s a beautiful country! We ride elephants, tame lions for pets, and have a fascinating variety of people, cultures, languages, and, most importantly, food. Okay, maybe food’s not the most important. Maybe.

Though I spend my weekdays as a software developer, in my free time I’m batman a writer. I’m working on my first fantasy novel (woohoo!); in the meantime, I’ll share occasional short stories, poems, and blog posts here. I’m a Christian, so you can expect much of my writing to be influenced by the love and joy I experience in Jesus.

Now go forth, dear visitor. Delve into these digital pages, leave comments, and catch glimpses of the wonder I see in life. Oh, if you want to stay updated, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter.