Michael Erasmus

Michael Erasmus


Hey there.

I’m Michael, and I hail from South Africa. It’s a beautiful country! We ride elephants, tame lions for pets, and have a fascinating variety of people, cultures, languages, and, most importantly, food. Okay, maybe food’s not the most important. Maybe.

Though I spend my weekdays as a software developer, in my free time I’m batman a writer. I’m working on my first fantasy novel (woohoo!); in the meantime, I’ll share occasional short stories, poems, and blog posts here. I’m a Christian, so you can expect much of my writing to be influenced by the love and joy I experience in Jesus.

Now go forth, dear visitor. Delve into these digital pages, leave comments, and catch glimpses of the wonder I see in life. Oh, if you want to keep updated, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter.


Writing Realistic AI Characters
Should your AI character be a human in steel skin? Or can it be something unique? Something real?
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Death’s Door
I quiver. My vision darkens. Death is near. "Not yet." Sword in hand, I rise from my knees.
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The Wildborn
Lion graced the mountains, Wolf stalked the forests, and Boar dwelt underground. The three Wildborn ruled; then humans came.
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The Song
A song lends wings to my heart, the sweetest melodic art.
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