Michael Erasmus

Michael Erasmus

Sensational Anthology

Exciting news!

“Komainu”, my flash-fiction sci-fi story, has been published in the Sensational: Havok Season Four anthology. The story reflects how a computer’s AI can never be as amazing as the complex human brain God blessed us with.

The anthology includes other great stories and covers an array of genres and themes from various authors. If you like quick reads, check it out!

Courage, Dear Heart!
Terrifying things happen, life gets daunting, and fear holds us back. Can courage be found?
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Though Seasons Change
Seasons change, and sometimes life is like winter. Could there be beauty even then?
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Wake My Heart, Oh Wild One!
I was a caged lion. My heart had lost its roar, its wild freedom. Modern life does that to us all.
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Maturity: Emotions & Logic
When society raises emotions and popular beliefs on a pedestal while discarding logic and facts, what is the solution?
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Bingeworthy Anthology

You can read my short story, “Santa’s Little Foes”, in an anthology titled Bingeworthy: Havok Season Three. The story is a wacky comedy about Santa’s elves.

“Bingeworthy” is a flash fiction anthology with various themes and genres, written by different authors. I’ve read through much of it, and wow, there’s some incredible talent in there! From robots to dragons, dramas to adventures, “Bingeworthy” offers a colorful, clean collection of stories.

Give it a look!